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PowerTorch By CharlesDesigns

This Portable Power Charger has between 4800mAh to 5200 mAh in battery capacity.

Able to give 2 full charges to your handphone at 2 times faster then your wall charger plug.


It also comes with a built in intergated Professional LED Flashlight.


Fully Automatic with the highest in safety standards and the latest in power transfer technology. Its able to give your devices a full charge even while you are using your devices.(Samsung, HTC, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Nokia, Motorola, BlueTooth Headsets, Etc)







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Package Includes:

01x Portable Power Charger

01x iPhone Tip

01x Micro USB Tip

01x Nokia DC2.0 Tip

01x Mini USB Tip

01x 3.5x 1.1 Tip

01x DC 3.5X 11mm USB Transfer Cable




PowerTorch By CharlesDesigns

is a portable power charger, which also comes with a built in Professional LED Flashlight


Battery Type: Li-polymer battery


Capacity: 4800-5200mAh


Output: DC 5V/2000mA


Input: DC 5V/1000mA


Power Transfer efficiency: 90%

(highest in the industry)


Flashlight Consumption: 1W


Flashlight Working Time: About 16 hours(after fully charged)


Charging Time for PowerTorch: About 5 hours(DC/IN 1000mA)

Color: White/Black


Adapter: 5 types

iPod,iPhone, iPad

Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola

PSP, and everything with a USB connection cable.


Cover: ABS Material


Cycle Life Time: Above 500 Times


Storage temperature: '-20 degree to 50 degree


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PowerTorch By CharlesDesigns


Choice of Black or White


•Charge your mobile devices on the go - the best choice for outdoor sports!


•Equipped with the latest in-power transfer technology, and hence able to charge your phone at 4x faster than other devices or 2x faster than wall chargers.


•Compatible with cellphones, iPhones, MP3, MP4, PSP, cameras, GPS, Tablet PCs and iPads (Designed with a 2000mA Output). (Includes iPhone tips, Micro USB tips, Nokia DC2.0 tip, ¢3.5X1.1 tip, Mini USB tip)


•With the latest in-power charging technology, it is able to charge and discharge at the same time. Able to be charged at 2x faster than most power batteries because of it's 1000mA Input, and Discharge at 2 to 4 times faster than most power batteries because of it's 2000mA Output .


What this means is that you can use your devices at the same time as it is bring charged by the PowerTorch, even when your devices shows a RED battery balance , and after 2 hours of using your devices you will now see your device battery indicator in the green field.


•Allows up to 23 hours of cellphone talk-time, 29 hours of PSP play-time, 16 hours of MP3/MP4 play-time, 17 hours of navigation on GPS and 1300 photos for cameras.


•Fully automatic, able to detect power needed, fitted with the auto discharge, auto charging capabilities. Also equipped with over-charging and over-discharging short circuit protection for safety.


•convenient and powerful to use. Now you can charge your mobile devices on the go!

•With a strong flashlight at the side, you don't have to worry about charging your gadgets in the dark, too!


•One-key control system for easy operation, The one-touch button feature not only helps to check power balance but it is also designed to be a safety feature to prevent accidental activation.

By pressing the one-touch button 3 times the flashlight will be activated, by pressing the one-touch button another 3 times the flashlight will go off.


The body appearance is made of a highly polished, High hardness design and is the same as the iPhone3 White & Black body makeup and feel.


With the Smart capacity display which comes in a cool blue power indicator, the latest multiple protection in-power transfer technology and the safe and high efficiency technology within the PowerTorch will offer you the best portable power money can buy.